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At With Love Yoga Co we believe that yoga is for all bodies.  We also believe that yoga is meant to make your body feel better.  Explore our blog for short practices, yoga blocks tips, and longer videos.  Grab your yoga props because there's always a place for you at With Love Yoga Co.


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Find the latest high quality yoga props, yoga blocks, and apparel in our store.  You can shop here knowing that every purchase supports a small business that's working to enhance the way yoga is viewed in the media.


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Check out some of our thoughts on yoga and mindfulness.  These practices can help you dramatically reduce stress and increase the quality of your life.  


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All physical movement comes with risks. Please be sure to consult with a physician before attempting any of the sequences posted on WithLoveYoga.Co or any With Love Yoga Co social media accounts. All information posted on With Love Yoga Co is created with the best of intentions and never to harm anyone. It’s important that you are aware of the limits within your own body and do not attempt any postures or sequences that are outside of your limits. When attempting new postures, With Love Yoga Co strongly recommends that you do so under the advice of a highly trained yoga instructor, in person. With Love Yoga Co assumes no liability for any injuries received while attempting to practice the sequences and postures posted on the With Love Yoga Co website. The use of any information contained on WithLoveYoga.co and all With Love Yoga Co’s social media is solely at your own risk..